Week 1.0: All About YOU

Making my way down Gould Street in the hot Toronto heat, I didn’t really know what to expect from my first lecture of university. I knew I was going to a class about Digital Media, but I couldn’t wrap my head around what part of that world we would be discussing. If you asked me five minutes before I entered the doors of LIB 072, what digital media was, I would have said, “It’s social media, right?” My little preconception of digital media was instantly magnified the moment Dr. Petrou or Laurie, started talking. I discovered that my interest and experiences in producing film and social media content aligned perfectly with the digital media world.

A point was made about how every RTA student should take this course and I found it quite interesting. At the start of the class, I wondered why the Sport Media students were a part of the lecture. I thought, “They’re just covering sports.” I was very wrong. Digital media is woven throughout all aspects of the media world and regardless of what program you’re in.

A simple yet meaningful goal of mine is to produce content that I am proud of. Often times I find myself not fully satisfied with what I’ve created. I hope that throughout this course, I will be able to learn new techniques to make this goal a reality. I’m thrilled for the year ahead and can’t wait to start creating new ideas.






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