Week 3.0: The Right Type

The topic of typography was one that I wasn’t too familiar with before this week’s lecture. I had heard about it and seen a lot of it. I just thought that typography was a bunch of fancy or hipster looking fonts that you could download off Pinterest. My preconceptions of this design form were a bit superficial. There is so much more to typography than good looking letters. From fonts to typefaces and serif to sans serif, type conveys meaning. It represents and certain shapes and symbols that we see before we read.

Here are a couple examples of typography in the media. This one for Toyota creatively incorporates gas efficiency into their message. The cursive typography of the gas tube is soft and elegant. It’s telling the audience that by using their cars, the fuel that they use will be worthwhile.


Source: Saatchi & Saatchi for Toyota



Source: FX

The typography used for the FX anthology series, American Horror Story, has stayed consistent, unlike the show. The anthology series uses the Willow typeface created by Tony Forster in 1990. This eerie design reflects the tone of the show regardless of the theme for each season. The minimal kerning in between the letters adds a sense of confinement and the capitalization provides a boldness.




This last example of typography incorporates external shapes to emphasize itself. The typeface is quite simple, a sans-serif of sorts.What I enjoy about this design is how the individual letters are placed at different angles. Some are lying flat like the ‘F’ and some are posted up vertically like the ‘U’. This minimalistic design is given depth and dimension because of it.




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