Photoshop Tutorial 2.0


This photoshop tutorial took two weeks to complete and the project was split into two parts. For part one, I created the background, middle-ground and the environment. This included downloading assets and using non-destructive methods to shape things like the flowers and greenery. Many of the skills that I learned during the first photoshop tutorial came in handy. Layer masks and adjustment layer were aplenty in this document. In part two, I focused on creating the path, foreground, title and placing Alice in the right spot. The found the foreground interesting because I gave the ferns and tulips a blurred out effect. I think this adds depth to the image. Also, I added an adjustment layer to add some overlay colour to the entire area. This added dimension to the whole environment. Although it was a little tedious to organize all the different layers, the outcome was more than what I could’ve expected.


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