Poster Art Assignment


My concept for this design was a minimal propaganda poster for the television series Mr. Robot. The storyline of the show is based around a character who leads a cyber revolution under the hacker name “fsociety”. I find the minimalistic design look very appealing because they aren’t flashy. Messages can be spread by using powerful symbols and imagery that have meaning from the product or story that is being promoted. I wanted to take that approach with my poster so I decided to make the centerpiece of my design my interpretation of the “fsociety” mask. While designing this poster, I had the mindset that I was designing a propaganda poster. The propaganda element wonderfully expresses the tone of the show. My goal was to make a minimal design with maximum effect. The target audience that I had in mind while producing this poster were the fans of the television series as well as the person who might not know the show. This is because, I wanted my poster to provoke questions and even confusion. What does that mask represent? What is fsociety? Why is the poster telling me to join fsociety? Questions lead to curiosity which leads to inquiry and at that point the artist knows that their message has been conveyed. I created the mask on Illustrator by using the pen tool and added effects such as bevel onto certain layers to give them a plastic look. Once I was done creating the fsociety mask, I placed the linked image into Photoshop. In order to achieve the 3D lens effect, I duplicated the mask layer twice. With these two extra layers, I changed the colour levels via adjustment layers. One was adjusted to red, the other to cyan blue. I then added a text layer that was masked so that it would look like it was being overlaid on the mask. I did this my using the quick selection tool and then creating a mask. The typography that I chose for the text was Andale Mono and for the slogan I used Silom. These sans-serif fonts have a technological and futuristic feel to them. Other tools that were used were adjustment layers (drop shadow & outer glow) and alignment panel. I was inspired to do this poster because I had just finished watching the second season of the show when this assignment was introduced. I thought that it would be a fun theme to do for my project. I’m quite the visual person so I created a Pinterest board with inspiration photos.

img_3744 img_3743 img_3742

Also, the cinematography and colouring of the show also influenced this poster. I anticipated the Illustrator portion of this process to be challenging. I had found it tough during the first Illustrator assignment but wanted to overcome the difficulties that I had experienced then. I was surprised by how much easier it was for me to use the software. When I was using the pen tool, it felt like I had been using it for years. After completing this assignment, the biggest thing that I learned was managing my time. I knew that for this project I had to set a schedule so that I would be able hand it in on time. I believe that my piece met my goal of “minimal propaganda” and that it addressed the target audience because of the text phrases that were used.




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