After Effects Tutorial: 1.0

This tutorial was probably my favourite one to date. I haven’t really used After Effects before. I’ve just seen other people use it, so that doesn’t actually count. To me, After Effects had always seemed daunting to use. With keyframes, compositions and effects, how did I know where to begin?! This simple title animation was a nice entry way into the software. I animated the three different texts in three different ways. For the ‘Welcome’, I changed the position by moving it up into the frame. I played with the scale transformation to make the ‘to’ appear. Lastly, for the ‘Toronto’, I used the rotation transformation. The video of the Toronto skyline had an opacity transformation with the transition from blue to its original colours.

When I first animated the texts, the movement was very stiff and  robotic. I then added  the Easy Ease function to the keyframes by clicking on Keyframe Assistant. This gave it a natural flow. Motion blur was also added to give it, even more fluidity.


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