After Effects Tutorial: 3.0


Does this look familiar to you? Well, that’s because this week I re-used my Photoshop assignment from weeks two and three to put together this motion graphic! That’s right, I learned how to incorporate PS files into After Effects. It wasn’t too different from importing an AI file for example but the naming of the files was crucial. I used the position tools to make the background and foreground ferns and shrubbery to appear. However, for the text, I turned on the 3D component in the toolbar. This allowed me to make the text look like as if it were ‘flying’ into the frame. What makes it 3D is that an extra axis is added to the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ ones. It’s called the ‘Z’ axis. Opacity was used to make the dirt road appear and motion blur and easy ease were all added at the end to give it the fluidity it needed.

I had a lot of fun with this tutorial and it really sparked some ideas for my final motion graphic project. Stay tuned!




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