Week 9.0: After Effects

storyboard storyboard-2storyboard3

We’re almost at the end of the semester and that means that projects are due, finals are coming up and Christmas is just around the corner! For RTA 103, my final project is a 10 second long motion graphic of my favourite book, Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The animation revolves around the growing of a flower, just like the character in the novel, Charlie. After the growth of the flower, the ‘camera’ will zoom out to reveal that it is actually a poster. The poster will then flip to become a blank page which then falls into a typewriter, where the title is typed out. My inspiration came from a stop motion film by Norman McLaren called ‘Neighbours‘. The conflict of the short arises when a flower sprouts from out of the ground and into full bloom.

I thought that this flower represented Charlie’s growth throughout the book. He started off as a shy and reserved teenager and from different experiences with his friends, bloomed into a gentle and caring ‘wallflower’.  I’m really excited to see how the final cut turns out. Keep your eyes open for the motion graphic blog post to see the final results!


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