I Made a Motion Graphic?

I made it! Yes! Me! I did this! I had so much fun creating my final motion graphic for the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It didn’t feel like work to me which I guess is a good thing! I’ve had this idea floating in my head ever since Professor Laurie told us about this project at the beginning of the semester. I wasn’t quite sure how to execute it or if I would even be able too. After each lab tutorial, I came out of the classroom with new pieces of information. Eventually, all those pieces came together to make this motion graphic.

I continued to build on the minimal/flat design aesthetic that I tried to achieve in my last project. I played more with shadows and used the website Paletton to help me pick colours that would compliment my main one, the muted navy blue. I wanted to choose colours that were subtle but made big impacts, just like the character, Charlie, in the book. The flower growing at the beginning represents Charlie’s growth throughout the story and when the camera zooms out, I wanted two other flowers beside him. These other flowers represent his friends Sam and Patrick. And, of course, a typewriter had to make an appearance in this motion graphic. I created all of the images in Illustrator and animated everything in After Effects. Let’s just say the pen tool and easy ease mode became my best friends during the production process.

I hope you enjoy!



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