Week 10.0: Farewell But Not Goodbye

I survived my first semester of university! I know it sounds cliché but time has gone by so fast. My first RTA 103 lecture honestly felt like a week ago. I’ve gained so much practical knowledge as well as a greater appreciation for design and aesthetics. Looking back at my first blog post, I had mentioned how I thought digital media was just about social media. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Digital media is so much more than what app you use to share your photos. It’s about colour theory, typography, brand design, digital identity just to name a few. We owe how user interfaces look and feel to digital media.

Finding my style and what I liked wasn’t the hard part while creating my pieces. It was actually executing it on the different Adobe programs that were challenging. But now, I can easily say that my confidence level with the software has increased greatly. I really want to continue working with the minimal/flat design aesthetic. There’s something about simplicity that really captures my attention. I don’t feel like an object needs to be super flashy in order to have an impact.

The most important thing that I’m going to take away from this course is the concept of transmedia. I’ve learnt over the past couple of months that transmedia is the new direction that the industry is heading in terms of distribution of media. And, I totally agree. I also won’t ever forget about the pen tool, easy ease and that if your computer ever makes a goat noise while exporting a file, it means you should probably re-render it.

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time in RTA 103 and I’m going to miss Professor Laurie’s super cool Prezi’s.

Catch you later.



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